Medical Treatment

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  • What is Medical Tourism?

    Medical Tourism is certainly not a new concept. However, it’s a popular concept associated with traveling or vacationing in another country and reaping the benefits of certain medical treatments/procedures. People love to travel beyond the borders and have been exploring destinations from years, where they can recuperate in scenic beauty and magnificence at more affordable prices.
  • What sort of medical procedures that tourists generally seek out in Sri Lanka?

    Well, there are plenty of medical or surgical treatments are present for medical tourists. However, the most searched medical procedures in sri lanka includes treatments like skin treatment, cosmetic surgery, dental treatment, infertility treatments, hair treatment, hip and knee replacements and many other diversified treatments; It may include any treatment that’s ideally not covered by insurance or having a long waiting time in their hometown.
  • Are these cost savings, Lower price, due to the lower standards of medicine in Sri Lanka?

    Well, the cost savings have nothing to do with lower medical standards. It will be absolutely false to say this; it is because of constructive currency conversion rates. Moreover, the Sri Lankan medical standards match up with the international standards of medical council.
  • Why should I choose Sri Lanka over the rest of the destinations?

    Sri lanka is the most sought-after destination for travelers. Mostly, it houses highly qualified and experienced physicians in the world. It matches the international medical standards. Additionally, Sri Lanka offers the natural ways of treatment from its ancient medical practices like Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy and many more. Sri lanka offers world-class travel destinations that are rightly placed in the lap of nature, such as Sigiriya, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, etc.
  • Can I speak to the doctor in Sri Lanka before reaching the country?

    Absolutely yes, Medical Tourism (Pvt) Ltd will be more than happy to arrange a phone or Skype consultation for you, where you can discuss your issues with the physician in Sri Lanka and ensure that all of your questions are answered in the desirable manner. However, we provide pre-consultation as a part of our total package because we want you take a very comfortable decision with respect to your medical needs
  • How soon I can travel back, after my medical treatment gets over?

    Travelling is not a major concern, as your physician will assess your recovery and let know you the possibility to travel.
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