Medical Treatment

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Once the patient’s treatment is complete, we follow-up on protocols initiated. Service providers are updated regarding the recovery process and communication links maintained even after the visitor leaves Sri Lanka. We customise holiday packages according to your schedule and provide sound advice on the country, accommodation options and travel itineraries to provide the perfect “healthy holiday” solution.

We are the only operator in Sri Lanka that provides professional medical services together with customised holiday packages. Our expertise in guiding you to the best options for healing together with our experience in providing you excellent holiday packages, benefits the customer with an overall cost saving, efficient planning of time and a well thought out holiday that accommodates required medical intervention.

Leisure activities can be arranged for the whole family in any part of the island with all support services included. Relaxing ayurvedic spa treatments, adventure activities such as mountain climbing or hang gliding for the more adrenaline filled members of the family or lovely sightseeing expeditions such as whale watching, elephant orphanages, spice garden tours, beach holidays or serene days in the mountains with calming nature trails can be organised.

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