Medical Treatment

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Complete coordination of the entire process of medical care, commencing from your initial inquiry, will be handled efficiently and effectively by our team of experts.

- Unbiased information on hospitals and services offered will be obtained from service providers and sent to the client with an extremely transparent, trustworthy coordination process in place.

- Doctor consultations, surgery appointments, medical report collection and liaison with medical care providers on all requirements before, after and during treatment.

- Managing all support services such as ambulances, blood banks and nursing services if required.

- Coordination with local authorities and step-by-step guidance on government permissions, Health Ministry interviews etc. for transplant patients is part and parcel of the medical care services we offer.

- Assisting in obtaining visas, airline ticketing and all travel logistics.

- Holiday details such as accommodation, transportation, entertainment options, special dietary requirement management etc are well planned and synchronised to your medical treatment necessities.

- Liaising with relevant service providers to facilitate the perfect journey to Sri Lanka – translators, foreign exchange providers, insurance services, transport within the country etc some of the services we provide apart from the medical care services.

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