Medical Treatment

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  • For one week I’ve been to Sri Lanka, starting from the Airport was good and the people were so friendly.

    From the hotel we have a nice stay they treated us good and we enjoyed. Our one week in the hotel. At your hospital your staff is so very friendly we get a good approached from your staff and also good treatment and the doctor was so nice and gives us a well welcoming. Also I couldn’t forget and thank your three staff public offices that were so nice, Friendly and I recommended that they continue to always keep that good attitude .We have a great time and a great stay at Sri Lanka and the Hemas Hospital . Thank you all. Thank you bhagya for your tour to show us some places in Sri Lanka .You were so friendly. Thank you.
    image Mr.Harry Victor and family 31/10/2015-07/11/2015
    From Seychelles
  • I came with my Husband to Sri Lanka. He had a heart Problem. We went to Hemas Hospital ,Nurse ,Doctors was very nice Helpful. We were so impressed. Even in Asiri everywhere they were nice and also impress with the clean everywhere. We Thanks everyone that help us. One way or other, To help my Husband quiet better. Special Thanks to Chamindika ,Bhagya and a big Thanks to Doctor Bhathiya. Once again Thank you.
    image Dorina Morel and Guilmer Morel 19/10/2015-01/11/2015
    From Seychelles
  • We have discovered that the services offered by the firm Medical tourism (pvt ) Ltd can be categorized as professional and efficient. Our experience with the firm’s representatives in Colombo was very heart warming .They went all their way to ensure that our time spent in Colombo was beneficial, rewarding and flawless in its entirety. The warm hospitality that was displayed was very remarkable. We were entrusted into the good care of Mrs.Bhagya a dedicated and coming ‘Hed ‘young lady who started displaying her professionals from the day we arrived. Her attitude conduct performance and capable were clearly visible. She was very Précis with security and comfort of her clients/Patients. Making sure that there were priorities all the time. She would not hesitate to go an extra mile to make us at ease. The lady in a good asset to the company since she has given Hundred Percent. She used to ensure that all logistics were in place. The services delivered were really beyond our expectations. Lot of thanks also goes to the Hotel (Best Western) staff, the staff and doctors of the hospitals which we were treated. They all demonstrated a service of professionalism in the delivery of their duties. Well done. Keep up the good work.
    image Mr Emilie Esparon and family 26/09/2015-27/10/2015
    From Seychelles
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