Medical Treatment

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With their rights, international patient has also reasonable responsibilities and obligations. Rights and responsibilities are due in the terms and conditions of care providers and Medical Tourism (Pvt) Ltd and to the extent requested by applicable laws and medical ethics.

Since the international patient knows the need and the necessity of crossing borders in order to find a suitable health care in another country and expect a good medical outcomes, they should be compliant and truthful with the care providers and Medical Tourism(Pvt) Ltd in every step of the Medical Travel.


  1. Prior the travel, to seek only for relevant information ,about the destination and make sure not to trust in all Internet information that can affect the judgment, negatively or wrongly, about an hospital or health care providers, doctors, nurses, medical tourism facilitator or other patients.
  2. To be well-informed about the health conditions, about the travel plans with the Medical Tourism agents, and then make sure that the hometown doctor get all the details about the medical tourism plans and treatment.
  3. To disclose relevant and accurate information, especially personal information, to the Medical Tourism (Pvt) Ltd and the Doctors and health care providers.
  4. To update any given information regularly for the purpose of remaining honest and truthful in the “medical partnership” since you are the main partner of your health care, then of a good medical outcome.
  5. To ask for explanation about medical terms and treatment specific details.
  6. To ask written questions and comments to avoid any misunderstanding about the treatment and about what is expected from the patient.
  7. To accept and understand that travelling to another country induces cultural differences between the international patient and the health workers and other patients. International Patient should keep on being respectful of the laws, culture and practicein the country of destination.
  8. To express clearly the needs and to show courtesy to people being met during the journey in the country of destination.
  9. To know all the financial obligation and cost involved in the Medical travel and in all the care and treatment. To make sure to have financial facility to meet all those obligations.
  10. To provide any information pertaining to a discount or any other payment received from a third party for “telling your story”.
  11. To respect strictly medical purpose appointments. If it becomes impossible for any justified reason, to notify as soon as possible the care provider.
  12. To collaborate with the Medical Tourism agents, doctors and health care provider manager to ensure the continuation of the treatment and to carry out ongoing therapies as agreed with the doctors.
  13. To avoid self-medicating that may interfere with the treatment or therapy, including alternative medicine, homeopathy and herbal medicines, without prior consultation with the attending doctor.
  14. To give detailed information about the ongoing treatment progress including new symptoms, new pain, any changes in the health condition.
  15. To take all the needed precautions not to spread the disease, including the basic precautions as hand washing, and to respect strictly the doctor’s specific instructions.
  16. To understand that the responsibilities of an international patient increase and become more important than at home.
  17. To understand that acting against the attending doctor’s advice, transferring the case to other practitioners or doctors, will be mainly the responsibility of the patient. In the same way, patient may not hold the Medical Tourism (Pvt) Ltd, Medical Tourism agents, hospital, and doctors for any consequences of such decision.

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