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Kidney Transplants and Holiday Dialysis

Comprehensive and specialized care for any kidney disease is available within the country’s esteemed hospital network with renal dialysis and Kidney transplants performed by renowned nephrologists and transplant surgeons Nephrologists. Total renal care comprising of assessment, renal dialysis, kidney transplantation and other surgical interventions can be facilitated by our partner hospitals at highly competitive rates with internationally trained, skilled practitioners. These hospitals have conducted a record number of successful renal transplants including paediatric and cadaver transplants.

Donor work up and recipient matching (HLA matching, expedited T-cell and B-cell cross matching), VIP-dialysis and kidney transplants are performed at our state-of-the-art hospitals with the latest equipment and dedicated renal care doctors and nursing staff.

Medical Tourism (Pvt) Ltd enables holiday dialysis options to suit your convenience and schedule with a choice of destinations and travel plans available for you to choose from. Up-to-date Kidney transplant information and guidelines are available with our group of medical experts. Our team of travel guides are specialised in incorporating your medical needs in to a well planned vacation, where you can enjoy health services together with leisure activities at unbelievable prices.

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