Medical Treatment

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Our aim is to provide you with professional guidance on choosing the best medical service provider to suit your needs. Our large base of partner medical service providers can provide you with a wide range of treatment options while we offer you an unbiased source of information on available medical facilities, physicians and support services for you to make the right choice. Medical Tourism (Pvt) Ltd acts as a forum between the patient and hospital with complete transparency of the system, confidentiality with patient information and superior customer service in the process of facilitating a stronger patient – hospital relationship.

Your convenience and peace of mind will always be our priority. Guiding you on country specific procedure on travel and medical logistics and government regulations is a vital part of our service. Representing overseas patients to receive relevant government clearances and guiding transplant patients to successfully face interviews conducted by the Ministry of Health are instances our expertise will be of invaluable service to the medical traveller.

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